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Welcome to Tabula Rasa Coaching’s comprehensive Coach Training Program, a unique blend of robust methodologies and practical experience, carefully crafted to help you develop into a skilled and insightful coach.

The world is in dire need of connections that ignite the soul, inspire purpose, and fuel passion. In the heart of every human being lies a potential that yearns to be unlocked, a voice that seeks to be heard, and a spirit that aims to rise. At Tabula Rasa Coach Training Academy, we empower our students to become the key that unleashes this potential in their clients through deeply impactful coaching relationships.

Unlock Your Coaching Potential: Master the Art of Transformational Coaching with Tabula Rasa Coach Training Academy

Our program is built around the globally recognized International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, ensuring you gain a solid grounding in the fundamental principles and ethical standards of professional coaching. At the same time, we supplement this foundation with the transformative methodology of Psychosynthesis. This holistic approach emphasizes the synthesis of all aspects of the human experience, providing you with the tools to facilitate deep, lasting change in your clients.

Our Training

Our training is delivered through a blend of group and one-on-one sessions, providing ample opportunities for interactive learning and personal feedback. We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why our program includes real-world coaching practice, supported by expert supervision as mandated by the ICF. This hands-on approach ensures you build not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills and confidence.

Specializing in both Fundamental, Executive/ Career Coaching, our curriculum addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of the contemporary workplace. We delve into key areas such as job search strategies, interview preparation, career transitions, leadership development, and more. Our goal is to equip you with a versatile toolkit that empowers your clients to navigate their professional journeys with clarity and confidence.

But we don’t stop at coaching skills. We understand that many of our students aspire to launch their own coaching practices. That’s why our program includes a strong focus on business and marketing strategies. We provide guidance on building a strong personal brand, attracting clients, and growing a successful, sustainable coaching business.

Tabula Rasa Coach Training

$5,999 | Course12 LessonsStarts Sep 9

Embrace the Power of the 8 Core Principles and Beyond. Gain the skills to excel in job search, interview preparation, career coaching, and psychosynthesis, while aligning with International Coach Federation (ICF) standards. Start your journey to success today!

Recent Testimonials For TRC Training Academy

Tabula Rasa Coaching Training Academy changed my life! The program provided me with invaluable coaching skills and expanded my career prospects. Thanks to TRC Training Academy, I am now a confident and successful coach. I highly recommend their training to anyone looking to make a difference.

Enrolling in Tabula Rasa Coaching Training Academy was the best decision I ever made. The comprehensive curriculum, led by Karen Florence, equipped me with the tools and knowledge to excel in my coaching career. The supportive community and practical training exceeded my expectations.

TRC Training Academy transformed my coaching journey. The diverse range of principles, including psychosynthesis and career coaching, provided me with a well-rounded skill set. The guidance and expertise of Karen Florence and the academy’s resources have been invaluable. I can confidently say it’s the premier coach training program.

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